How The Investment Works

Upon finalisation of all required documentation and receipt of the investment cost by Intertank, container ownership is transferred to the investor. Intertank will then arrange for shipment of the container/s. A certificate of ownership is issued in the name of the investor by Intertank. In accordance with Exchange Control Regulations, the original ownership certificate is lodged with Intertank’s bankers, which holds this on behalf of the Exchange Control Department of the South African Reserve Bank. The investor will receive a certified copy of the certificate as proof of ownership. Intertank will appoint a lease manager which will lease the container/s to end users as part of a pool of tank containers. The rental income generated is divided, after deduction of expenses, amongst the respective investors in proportion to the number of tanks owned. Even if a particular investor's tank container happens to be out of active use for some time, the investor will still earn a return. A statement reflecting details of rentals, costs and fees, will be issued every quarter. Rental income distributions made by Intertank may be paid in SA rands at the ruling exchange rate or retained offshore.

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