History & Introduction

Stainless steel tank containers, which were introduced to the world market in the 1960s, offer an ideal form of intermodal transportation, avoiding the need to decant and transfer bulk liquid chemicals and food grade products between port, rail and road links.

Over the years, these specialised containers have been accepted as the safest, most efficient, economically and environmentally correct medium for the transportation of bulk liquids. The increasing popularity of tank containers, coupled with ongoing growth in the international bulk transportation market, virtually ensures continued growth in tank container usage. The world population of tank containers is expected to grow at a rate of at least 5% per annum.

A tank container investment provides one of the few proven offshore investment opportunities available to South Africans, offering a long term dollar income stream. Furthermore, the investor’s return is based on a proportionate share of the income from a pool of tanks, and not from any one tank in particular, ensuring a continuous flow of income over the tank’s lifetime.